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Dec 7, 2017
Abusers are Turning the Tables


 There is a new and incredibly disturbing trend for victims of domestic violence in our community. The abusers are using law enforcement against the victims.

This is just a small sampling of stories our staff at Options have witnessed over the last few months. 

For one of our clients, her husband is extremely emotionally volatile. They had an argument, and he struck her, as he had done before. She was terrified when he reached for a knife, and completely shocked when he used it to cut himself. Taking advantage of the situation, he called the police and told them she had attacked him. 

Aug 25, 2017
Change a local childs life for the better today

We are so close to with two really important children's projects that are almost completely funded, and we need your help to finish them!

On August 23rd, RBC held a very successful golf tournament to help Options support children in Surrey. Of course a huge thank you to them! They have got us off to a great start, and that's where you come in to keep the momentum strong.

There are two ways you can help...

Aug 2, 2017
Urgent-Help Provide Relief from Extreme Heat
With the hot weather expected to continue with almost no chance of rain or cooling off for the next couple of weeks, we need your help providing urgent relief from the intense heat for those that are vulnerable.