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2019 Christmas Hamper Fund

A huge Thank You for your contribution to the 2019 Christmas Hamper Fund!

Cash donations ranged anywhere from $5 to $3,000. Every dollar counted and together – what a difference we have made! Thanks to your incredible generosity and support, 73 families (with a total of 182 children) and 3 individuals will have a much brighter Christmas.

In addition to cash donations, just a few of the items gratefully accepted and distributed were brand new toys, blankets, socks, scarves, toques, gloves and gift cards.

We wish you and your family a joyous holiday season and all the very best in 2020.

What is it?

The Breastfeeding Café offers additional breastfeeding support to Healthiest Babies Possible clients. At the bi-weekly Café we offer education, discussion and support on all aspects of breastfeeding and its impact on daily life. Participants can talk to specially trained staff and have opportunities to share their experiences and make social connections. Refreshments are provided. Sessions take place with comfortable seating and open-forum discussions with nonjudgmental approach.

painting of three women, 2 with infants and 1 pregnant sitting at a coffee house


mom holding her infant


Why is this important?

Breastfeeding rates in Surrey are much lower than in the rest of the province. Breastfeeding rates are even lower among vulnerable populations, ironically the very groups that benefit most from breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a protective factor against the negative socioeconomic, biological and behavioural impacts of adverse childhood experiences, and also provides some protection for the mother’s physical and emotional health.

In fact, human milk/breastfeeding is an evidenced-based intervention that may hold the greatest potential to mitigate the effects of toxic stress from the moment of birth.

Café Schedule

1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month 1-3 pm

Breastfeeding Café Topics

  • Importance of breastfeeding in your baby’s feeding plan
  • Basics of breastfeeding (latch & position) and common challenges
  • Expressing & storing breast milk, including alternate ways of giving baby this extra milk
  • Fitting breastfeeding into daily life, including breastfeeding in public and going back to work or school.
3 women at the breastfeeding cafe


Honouring Options Partners

Carol Dyck and Sharon Prindle-Collins, two amazing nurses, that have been a part of the Breastfeeding Café, are retiring.  In lieu of gifts they are asking for donations to support the Breastfeeding Café and to spread the word about the importance of breastfeeding.

Carol & Sharon are passionate about support for all breastfeeding families in Surrey area. They have particularly been committed to working to break down barriers and build support for those women whose life challenges prevent them from reaching their breastfeeding goals.

Carol Dyck (L) and Sharon Prindle-Collins (R) Taken @ farewell event in November/18 at Fraser Health BFI (Baby Friendly Initiative) Practice Council
Carol Dyck (L) and Sharon Prindle-Collins (R) Taken @ farewell event in November/18 at Fraser Health BFI (Baby Friendly Initiative) Practice Council


Carol Dyck

...has worked for over 40 years in public health in both Manitoba and BC, spending the majority of her time focusing on perinatal. She has been a International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) for the past 23 years and an active member of both the Fraser Health BFI Practice Council as well as Surrey BFI Committee (which she founded). In addition to her regular Public Health Nurse role in Surrey, Carol was also the PHN liaison for Healthiest Babies Pregnancy Outreach program for past 1.5 years where she started a Breastfeeding Café Drop-in for women in the program.

Sharon Prindle-Collins

...has also worked mostly in public health, Both in Alberta and BC. She has been an IBCLC for the past 25 years, also with a perinatal focus. Four years ago, Sharon decided to change her focus from public health in Surrey to taking on a newly-created position as Lactation Consultant at Surrey Memorial Hospital Family Birthing Unit. Sharon Chaired the Fraser Health BFI Practice Council for a number of years and was also a founding member of the Surrey BFI Committee.

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