Celebrating Moms - Narisem's Story

Narisem is one of many single moms in our city who are struggling to survive and provide for her child. She was an immigrant and stay-at-home mom for 4 years. Due to severe circumstances, she had to move to a Safe House where she spent over 9 months fighting a custody battle, and finally getting full custody of her young daughter.

Narisem was facing a lot of barriers to employment alongside financial hardships. She completed her high school education in Indonesia and had previous work experience in production work and as a Care Aide in Taiwan. She is fluent in multiple Asian languages, however, she needed to find a steady full time job in Surrey to be able to support her daughter.

Narisem attended job search workshops and learned creative strategies that really helped her stand out to employers. She was also referred to other WorkBC job development services where she received support, leads and contacts for employment opportunities. Her Whalley WorkBC Job Developer called up a connection at a local supermarket and was able to arrange an interview for Narisem.

The hiring manager decided to offer an opportunity, but unfortunately wasn't guaranteeing full time hours. We met with her employer, introducing him to the benefits of the Wage Subsidy Program for single parents, in the hopes of encouraging him to provide Narisem full time hours... and he agreed!

Narisem started working as Seafood Assistant for 35-40 hours/week. On completing 6 months of work experience contract, her employer was really pleased and offered her a permanent position. During the past year, we have also helped her with childcare and transportation support.

Narisem is still there and wants to thank the Province of British Columbia and Whalley WorkBC for being part of her journey to success.


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