Making a House a Home

2019 Christmas Hamper Fund

A huge Thank You for your contribution to the 2019 Christmas Hamper Fund!

Cash donations ranged anywhere from $5 to $3,000. Every dollar counted and together – what a difference we have made! Thanks to your incredible generosity and support, 73 families (with a total of 182 children) and 3 individuals will have a much brighter Christmas.

In addition to cash donations, just a few of the items gratefully accepted and distributed were brand new toys, blankets, socks, scarves, toques, gloves and gift cards.

We wish you and your family a joyous holiday season and all the very best in 2020.

What an amazing concept!  Help make a house a HOME for a family in need. 

Here is your chance to help keep unnecessary waste from our BC Landfills AND help a family in need all at once!  With a donation of $120 you can provide a family with all the furniture they need.  Here is how it works:

We have connected with an amazing local entity called the Better Cause Society and they have been able to provide furniture to three of our clients in-need so far!  For the small set up delivery cost of $120, they provide, deliver and set up living room sets...full bedroom sets...sometimes even a whole apartment!

Gary, the founder of the Better Cause Society, had been in a position where they "lost everything". He knew first hand how it felt to be in a position of "needing help". While Gary was hard at work building his disposal business he took note of all of the good furniture being sent off to landfills. Many people upgrade their furniture yet the older items still have lots of life left in them. This is when a light bulb went off! Why send this perfectly good furniture to a landfill when there are so many families that could use it....? 

The Huffington Post has reported that "Over 17 billion pounds of office furniture and equipment is sent to landfill every year. This waste is typically a result of necessary changes like moving."  Can you image how much household furniture is sent to the landfills right here in BC?  

"Our clients are just SO THANKFUL" stated Nichole (program manager with our Growing Together program). "I found out that one of our clients with a young baby had no furnishings in her living room and had been sitting on the floor. I was able to connect with Gary quickly and he provided the living room furniture she needed to make her place feel like a true home. Gary is SO CARING."

"It's the best feeling in the world." Gary stated "Justin, Elijah and I love to see the expression on their faces. During one of the deliveries I could see the tears in my son's eyes as the clients saw their house becoming a home."

We have so many families here in Surrey and the surrounding areas that deserve a loving and comfortable home. Let's work together on making this happen! With the help of Gary and our program staff we aim to help FIFTY families in the next year. This means we need to raise $6,000 to reach our goal. We can do this.. and we can do it together!

Imagine how great if will feel knowing that you made a house a HOME for a family in need for only $120. Get things rolling by sponsoring a family right now.

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