Vision, Mission & Guiding Principles


A healthy, caring community, where everyone thrives.

  • Healthy: Everyone has access to the personal and social supports they need to live with dignity.
  • Caring: Everyone experiences a sense of common humanity through acts of understanding, kindness and encouragement, offered by their neighbours and community service organizations.
  • Community: Options is rooted in Surrey and is ideally positioned to serve communities south of the Fraser River.
  • Everyone: Options and each member of our team is dedicated to engaging every person across all facets of diversity, meeting them with a spirit of openness, inclusion, and social equity.
  • Thrive: Everyone is included, has a voice, and the opportunity to grow and develop to their unique potential.


We inspire hope and belonging for all.

  • We help people in the communities we serve, empowering them to help themselves.
  • We promote healthy and vibrant communities south of the Fraser River.
  • We pursue diversity within our organizations, so that we reflect the diversity of our communities.
  • We lead with commitment, enthusiasm, and by example, using best practices, innovating, learning, and sharing our success stories.

Guiding Principles

The following principles or values inspire us and guide our planning, our decision-making, and our daily work.


Everyone has a voice. We are inclusive, respectful and fair.


We are accountable, honest and compassionate.


We are creative, flexible and innovative.


We work collaboratively as partners and teams within the organization and broader community.


We go above and beyond ordinary and strive towards the exceptional and extraordinary.

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