Finding Work

For adults (19+ years old) residing in Surrey or White Rock who are living with a mental illness and want to improve their pre-employment skills and increase self-confidence, in the pursuit of greater independence.

A referral is required. Please request one from the Surrey or White Rock Mental Health and Substance Use Centre.

For adults (19+ years old) living in Surrey or White Rock with a mental illness and want a safe, supportive environment to socialize, participate in recreational activities, learn employment skills, and increase community involvement.

Referrals are required from your general practitioner or psychiatrist, or through the Surrey or White Rock Mental Health and Substance Use Centres.

For permanent and temporary residents (Temporary Foreign Worker Program and international students), refugees, immigrants, naturalized citizens, refugee claimants (ages 16 and over) living in Surrey and Delta who need help finding a job. 604.954.0482...

For refugees and immigrants, who are living in Surrey or Delta, have multiple needs (i.e., health, housing, financial, etc.) and significant integration barriers (i.e., language, education, life skills, etc.). 604.501.6850 ext 1130

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