Leave a Legacy

Building Community. Inspiring Hope. Transform lives with a gift in your will to Options Community Services.

Each of us has the ability to make a difference in the lives of our neighbours. Leave a legacy of a stronger community with a gift in your will to Options.

A will is your way of making a lasting impact on the world by providing for your loved ones and the causes that matter most to you.  A gift to Options gives you a unique opportunity to demonstrate your values and your belief that for communities to be truly healthy, people need to have choices and opportunities to live their most fulfilling lives. 

A gift in your will to Options is a gift of hope.

We recommend speaking with your financial advisor or lawyer to start preparing your will, or to add a gift in your existing will to Options. In order to include a gift in your will to Options, you will need to give your legal professional our legal and official name and address, which is:

Options Community Services Society, 9815-140 St, Surrey, BC     V3T 4M4

The benefits of leaving a gift in your will:

  • A bequest costs nothing now, yet allows you to support something you care about
  • You may change your will at any time if your circumstances change
  • You retain control and use of your assets during your lifetime, and
  • Your estate receives a donation receipt for use against 100% of your net income in the year of passing and in the preceding year. With recent tax changes, your estate may now also claim tax credits in subsequent years.

Please let us know if you have included Options in your will. Then:

  1. We can ensure that we at Options fully understand your gift intentions and can most effectively implement your wishes.
  2. We would like to recognize your contribution to Options, sharing your story, inspiring others.


Life Insurance

Just as life insurance allows you to protect the security and prosperity of your loved ones, it can work much the same for the charity of your choice. Donating a life insurance policy is a convenient way to make a substantial contribution to the health and vitality of your community with a comparatively modest annual investment. This benefit is especially pronounced if you begin at a young age.

By naming Options as the beneficiary of your policy, your estate will receive tax benefits. If you designate Options as the owner and beneficiary of the policy, you can realize those tax benefits today.

There are several ways to make a gift of life insurance. You can:

  1. Donate a fully paid policy you no longer need
    Options will immediately issue a donation receipt for the policy’s cash surrender value, plus any accumulated dividends and interest. In order to issue a donation receipt, Options must be irrevocably designated as the policy owner and beneficiary.
  1. Transfer ownership of an existing policy with premiums still owing
    Options will issue a donation receipt for the cash surrender value of the policy. When you make further payments, Options will issue additional annual donation receipts for the value of the premiums.
  1. Establish a new policy that designates Options as the owner and beneficiary
    You can then claim any and all premium payments as a charitable donation on your tax return.
  1. Name Options as the beneficiary of your insurance policy
    Upon passing, your estate will receive a donation receipt for the full amount that Options receives under the terms of your policy.

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