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The Clubhouse program serves adults living with a mental illness. If you or someone you know has mental health issues, you may be seeking a community of understanding, like-minded people who might share the same experiences that you do. Find your sense of belonging at a Clubhouse, a safe, supportive environment where you can socialize, participate in fun recreational activities, learn employment skills, and increase community involvement. At the Clubhouses, you will never be labeled by your condition, and will feel welcomed with open arms.

The Clubhouses are based on a psycho-social rehabilitation approach to wellness. Participants are encouraged to participate in the daily operations. Each participant has an individual service plan that is reviewed on a regular basis and modified as circumstances dictate. Staff are trained and possess an understanding of the obstacles facing people living with a mental illness, and can support you in skill building, locating useful community resources and finding suitable volunteer opportunities.

Delta Clubhouse (North and South)

Delta Clubhouse is wheelchair accessible and offers the following:

  • Basic skills and activities which focus on individual’s personal life, essential to daily living.
  • Leisure/recreation/social activities based on members' values and interests.
  • Wellness workshops and activities.
  • Employment programs that offer goal assessments and exploration, job search and development, educational goals and follow-ups, including Therapeutic Volunteer Placement (TVP), Supported Work Program and Competitive Employment.

Calendar symbolCalendar of Activities

Delta North: September | Delta South: September

Weekly Events for Members

9:00am N: Coffee & Chat 9:00am N: Coffee & Chat (2nd& 4th Tues) 9:00am N: Coffee & Chat 9:00am N: Coffee & Chat 9:00am N: Coffee & Chat
10:00am S: Computer Lessons 10.00am S: Coffee Meet-up @ Starbucks 10:00am Mindfulness Group (2nd, 3rd & 4th Thur) 10:00am S: Coffee & Chat
1:00pm S: Art Class (2nd, 3rd & 5th Mon) 1:00pm Music Group (1st & 3rd Fri)
PROGRAM HOURS: Mon. - Friday; 10am-3pm

Eligibility criteria

For adults (19+ years old) living in Delta with a mental illness and want a safe, supportive environment to socialize, participate in recreational activities, learn employment skills, and increase community involvement.

Can you access the program directly?


Other referral options

Referrals are required from your general practitioner or psychiatrist, or through the Delta Mental Health and Substance Use Centres.

Other information


13582 - 68 Avenue
Surrey BC V3W 2G3


Preetika Royal, Program Manager
604.375.7773 |

Please fax referrals to Preetika at 604.584.7628.

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