Supporting Children with Autism

Support Children with Autism through Play

The power of intentional play can't be overstated. It has the ability to empower children in amazing ways. An improved playroom will: help them improve their social skills, attention span, communication skills and more. Our programs help children grow, connect and thrive.

And that's for 250 families every year! And you can help us help more families.



We are so pleased with the results we’ve seen with our son after only three months. We’ve been able to connect with him in a way that was not possible before. He’s showing great eye contact, attention and has tried speaking more and more. We’re very pleased with his progress thus far and look forward to seeing future results.

My son just started this program. So far he is having fun and the staff are wonderful.

I never thought my child would improve until this came into her life.

This program has been really helpful in trying to help integrate my child into preschool. Thank you!

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