Through their Eyes

Through their Eyes

"A Journey of Homelessness in Surrey" was a community based project created inside Hyland House Newton Homeless Shelter through Options Community Services and funded by SPARK BC.

Cover of the Book "Through their Eyes"This project is a photojournal of a few residents at Hyland Shelter and their perspective of Homelessness. Clients were given a digital camera and attended several workshops resulting in the collaborative selection of photos and layout before being sent off to be bound. Through their Eyes is a unique perspective from the clients as they convey what homelessness has been for them, and what they would like the community to know.

The Homeless (and those at risk of facing being homeless) within Surrey, face a very unique and difficult daily life. Their lived realities are only understood by those involved and often not among the general public.


Below are a few excerpts from the book:

Page 1 from book
Middle Page from the book


3rd Page from the book - homeless man walking down the middle of the street

Would you like to support next year's photojournal project?
With your minimum donation of $20, you will receive a hardcover copy of Through their Eyes and assist in giving more individuals an opportunity to express their experience with homelessness.


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