We believe that all people have a right to be active in their community and to feel safe and welcome.

We believe that self determination is key to quality of life.

We believe in client driven service, and seek to support our clients in achieving the goals they set for themselves, inclusive of client team and advocates.

We believe that our community is enriched when all are included.

We are a qualified vendor for CLBC in Community Inclusion in the following areas:

    Skill Development

    • Healthy independent living.
    • Develop skills such as:
      • transit
      • independence
      • cooking
      • friendships/social skills
      • communication
      • vocational using an employment first approach.
    • in a group or 1:1 setting.
    • Client driven service that focuses on the quality of life model.

    Community Based

    • Ongoing support to participate in the community in a meaningful way.
    • Takes place outside the client’s home.
    • May have vocational, social, or recreational focus.
    • In a group or 1:1 setting.
    • Client driven service

    Our professional staff have either a degree in a related field or a combination of relevant training and experience working with people with developmental disabilities. They maintain client confidentiality, undergo successful criminal record and driving checks, have up to date first aid, non-violent crisis intervention and food safe.

    Eligibility criteria

    For adults (19+ years old) with developmental disabilities who are looking for community inclusion and skill development. We are a qualified vendor for CLBC. 604.596.4321 ext 1105/7

      Can you access the program directly?


      Other referral options

      There are two options to access the program.

      1. Referral from Community Living BC

      2. Direct access is available on a fee-for-service basis

      Other information


      13520 - 78th Avenue
      Surrey, BC V3W 8J6

      #107 - 20641 Logan Avenue
      Langley, BC V3A 7R3


      Beth Price
      Assistant Program Manager
      604.596.4321 ext 1107

      Daniel Anctil
      Program Manager
      604.596.4321 ext 1105

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