Your child is important, deserves respect, meaningful relationships and activities - and, a high quality of life overall.

If you have a child or youth with developmental or physical disabilities and/or autism, he or she could benefit from the Special Services to Children and their Families program.

We work with your child to help him or her reach their full physical, social and emotional potential, with the goal of becoming a happy, healthy and growing member of the community.

How Services for Children with Special Needs Works

Using an individualized approach, one-to-one workers will create purposeful community outings to help your child reach their goals in community involvement, life skills, social skills, communication and appropriate behaviour.

Benefits for Your Child

We work to enhance your child’s self-expression, sense of self-esteem, their skills and physical capabilities.

Benefits for Your Family

Your family will watch your child increase their social and life skills, independence, communication, and appropriate behaviour in a community setting. You will receive Individualized service plans every 3 months to keep you updated on your child’s progress.

Eligibility criteria

For children and youth (ages 18 and under), living in Surrey or Langley, with developmental and/or physical disabilities and/or autism who need one-on-one support in a community setting.

Can you access the program directly?


Other referral options

There are two options to access the program.

1. Request a referral through your Child and Youth Special Needs social worker, or

2. Contact Daniel Anctil, Program Manager at 604.596.4321 ext 1105 or for private, fee-for-service enrollment. We are an approved vendor for autism funding.

Other information

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