• Do you have lots of unresolved conflicts with your partner?
  • Do you get angry easily?
  • Do you have difficulty expressing your anger in healthy way?
  • Are your children impacted by the home environment

The Domestic Violence Intervention Program (DVIP) delivers specialized therapeutic intervention services to perpetrators of domestic violence that promotes the safety of their children and partners. The team comprised of trained counsellors to work with individuals in creating safer family dynamic and home. DVIP provides Caring Dads group as well as 1:1 individual counselling for further support. The program also serves female and/or LGBTQ12S clients in power based relationship.

Caring Dads Group
Caring Dads is a 17-week group designed to support fathers in developing child-centred and abuse free relationships with their children and their children's mother. Fathers will also learn parenting skill that is more child centered and are helped:

  • To recognize and prioritize their children's needs
  • To understand the impact of their behaviour on their kids and partner.
  • To take responsibility for their use of abusive behaviour.
  • To engage with their children in an empathetic and nurturing way.

We also contact clients' partners to connect them with community resources.

The program runs ongoing group sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.
For information on the upcoming Caring Dads Groups:
- in English (click here)
- in Punjabi (click here)

One-to-One Individual Counselling
Individual counselling is also available to those that need further support for conflict resolutions, are having mild mental health conditions affecting their growth, are lacking the motivation to attend group or are having personal issues they do not find comfortable sharing in depth in group settings.

Eligibility criteria

Fathers who have physically / emotionally abused or neglected their children and / or exposed them to abusive choices of behaviour towards their mother.


Referral Process

Referrals from Ministry of Children and Family Development are given priority. Referrals from Adult Probation, other community resources as well as self-referrals are considered next if space allows. Social workers and other community workers can refer clients to the program by completing the referral form. (Click here for the Referral Form.) For self-referred clients, please call the program manager on 604.809.5742

Can you access the program directly?


Other information


13520-78 Avenue, Surrey, BC


Harpal Johl
Program Manager
T: 604.596.4321  ext. 21182
Email: harpal.johl@options.bc.ca

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